Circumcision Scar Revision

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Circumcision Scar Revision

After your foreskin is removed, there will be an open wound that needs to close up. The body achieves complete wound healing is by forming a scar. How well the scar forms is dependent on several factors. However, even despite the best efforts from you and your doctor, scars can still appear disfigured.

Common scars include:

  1. Hypertrophic scars (thick and hardened skin)
  2. Railroad scars
  3. Skin bridging
  4. Excess skin
  5. Skin scalloping

It is important to note that the downstream effects of a disfigured scar is NOT limited to how it looks. Therefore you SHOULD NOT put off considering a revision of your scar just because you think no one would mind the appearance.

The OTHER downstream effects that patients with a disfigured circumcision scar suffer from may include

  1. Painful erections
  2. Pain during sexual activity
  3. Bleeding during sexual activity
  4. Difficulty in maintaining hygiene and recurrent infections
  5. STDs such as warts/ molluscums hiding within scars

What is a Scar Revision

Scar Revision is a surgical procedure that is done to remove a disfigured scar and create a new scar.

This is done using advanced surgical techniques and instruments including:

  1. Needle point electrosurgical devices ensuring accurate incisions with minimal damage to surrounding skin
  2. Energy controlled surgery machines for precise energy delivery with every skin contact
  3. Advanced sutures and suturing techniques for knotless and tension-free closing of the wound

The process does not end with the surgery. After the procedure, we closely follow up our patients with advanced wound care techniques and dressings to ensure the best possible aesthetic outcome.

Depending on the complexity of the disfigured scar, the whole process takes about 45 min to 1 hour. Just like our Circumcisions, you will be able to get straight back to your daily activities, with the only restrictions being no swimming, cycling and sexual activity for 2 -3 weeks.


Is Poor Scar Healing Genetic?

Yes. Unfortunately, some people have a genetic predisposition to forming poor scars. In such situations, more attention is needed during the wound healing to ensure prompt action is taken once there are signs of poor healing.

What is an ideal circumcision scar?

An ideal circumcision scar fulfills clinical standards that your doctor should be well versed in achieving. Our practice has created 4 distinct looks – The Bald Eagle, The Flying Fox, The Goldenrod and The Rhinoceros that are framed around these standards of an ideal circumcision.

Can you remove my implants while revising the wound?

Yes. Removing any penile implants/ oil injections is critical to achieving the best outcome for a circumcision scar.

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