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Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin.

At our clinic, our Doctors are experienced in a number of different techniques of circumcision to help you achieve the look you want. Including Laser, ShangRing, Stapler and Conventional Circumcisions. We will also recommend the technique best suited to you to treat your medical condition.

Common reasons Doctors would recommend a circumcision are:

  1. Recurrent infections of the foreskin
    1. This is usually due to Diabetes or medicines used to treat diabetes
  2. Foreskin that is too tight
    1. This is called phimosis and can cause pain, infection or affect sexual function
  3. Foreskin that got stuck behind the head of the penis
    1. This is called a paraphimosis and is a medical emergency. A circumcision can prevent this from happening.
  4. Inflammatory conditions of the head of the penis
    1. There are various skin conditions that cause redness of the head of the penis that may be cured by circumcision.
  5. Warts of the foreskin
    1. Warts caused by HPV growing on the foreskin may be difficult to treat and may require a circumcision.
  6. To improve sexual function

You can decide on the look that you ultimately want to achieve after circumcision.

Tightness – This refers to how much skin is removed. Some people prefer a very “tight” circumcision where all of the foreskin is removed. Some prefer a “looser” circumcision.

High or Low – This refers to the amount of pink inner foreskin left behind. Some people prefer most of the inner skin removed. This is called a “high cut”. While some would prefer leaving some inner skin behind.

Preputioplasty – This refers to a procedure where the tightness of the foreskin is corrected without removing the foreskin

Limited Circumcision – This refers to a procedure where only the tight ring of foreskin is removed leaving most of the foreskin behind.


Is it painful?

All circumcision surgeries, regardless of technique, can be done painlessly under local anaesthesia. We also have facilities for general anaesthesia (asleep) if that is preferred.

What is the recovery like?

We recommend patients to rest for 2 days after the surgery. After that, patients can resume normal activities but are advised to refrain from strenuous exercise, swimming and sex. Most patients heal fully in 3 to 4 weeks. Passing urine during the healing process is also completely unobstructed and painless. We are able to provide hospitalisation/medical leave certificates if necessary.

Can Medisave or Insurance be used?

Medisave can be used and the claim is capped at $650. Most hospitalisation insurances will cover for this procedure. If you are unsure if your insurance policy covers for the procedure please do contact us and we can assist you with it. If you require insurance pre-authorisation application we can also assist.

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