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Treatment for tight foreskin (Phimosis) without Circumcision

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is abnormally tight. In mild cases, the foreskin can still be retracted when the penis is flaccid. But gets uncomfortably tight when the penis is erected. In severe cases, the foreskin cannot be retracted at all.

Phimosis increases the risk of urine infection, infection of the foreskin (balanitis) and even infection of the head of the penis (balanoposthisis). It can also cause other complications like the foreskin getting stuck behind the head of the penis (paraphimosis) and even affects sexual function.

The conventional treatment for phimosis is a circumcision. However, some men would prefer to keep their foreskins.

Phimosis can be treated and yet allow the patient to keep his foreskin. This is also known as foreskin preservation surgery.

There are 2 methods that we employ at our clinic.

  1. Preputioplasty
    In this method, we make an incision into the foreskin and gently break away the tough fibrous tissue that is causing the tightness. We then reconstruct the foreskin such that it can much more easily slide down the penis.
  2. Limited Circumcision
    In this method, we remove only the tight ring of foreskin that is causing the constriction. Leaving the majority of the foreskin behind. After the procedure, there will still be foreskin covering the head of the penis but yet is able to retract easily.


Can this procedure be done for all forms of phimosis?

This procedure is only recommended for physiologic phimosis. If the clinical diagnosis is balanitis, BXO or foreskin warts, a formal surgical circumcision is recommended instead. Our Doctors will be able to advise you on the best treatment for you after a clinical examination.

Is the procedure painful?

Both procedures can be done painlessly under local anaesthesia. We also have facilities for general anaesthesia (asleep) if that is preferred.

How is the recovery?

We would advise patients to rest for 2 days after the procedure. Medications including antibiotics and painkillers will be provided. Patients can resume normal activities after 2 days but still have to avoid strenuous physical exercise, swimming and sexual intercourse. Most patients heal fully by 3 to 4 weeks. We are able to provide hospitalisation/medical leave certificates if necessary.

Can Medisave or Insurance be used?

Medisave can be used and the claim is capped at $650. Most hospitalisation insurances will cover for this procedure. If you are unsure if your insurance policy covers for the procedure please do contact us and we can assist you with it. If you require insurance pre-authorisation application we can also assist.

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