Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

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Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

HIV PEP is a course of medication that reduces the risk of HIV infection after a possible exposure. It is affordable, safe and can significantly reduce the risk of getting infected with HIV. However, it must be started within 72 hours. Enquire Now

Getting inadverdently exposed to HIV can be very worrying, and can happen due to:

  1. Broken condom
  2. Sexual intercourse with a high-risk partner
  3. Coming into contact with a contaminated needle
  4. Eyes or broken skin exposed to contaminated body fluids

In a consultation with Dr Tan, he will help you objectively assess and understand your risk before making a shared decision on the need for you to be on HIV PEP. Many times, patients have found that the risk is not as high as they think it is.

Also, you should consider screening for other STDs. It is far easier to catch an STD like Chlamydia compared to catching HIV.

Reduce risk of contracting HIV

Low-cost and fast-acting

No or minimal side effects

“Every patient deserves our fullest attention.”

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